Metal processing & 
3D water cutting

Sheet metal processing, aluminium, turret punching, milling, water and laser cutting.

With punching and laser cutting you can get metal casing, profiles and cabinets, which are often part of complete system solutions, and with a water pressure of 4,000 bar, we can cut virtually any material.



Surface treatment with spray painting, EMC coating, silk and pad printing, metal and plastic. We specialise in plastic painting.

We have our own department for painting, where we handle most jobs in the field of spray-painting plastic and metal, with a high gloss or matt finish. 
Another option is EMC coating with conductive silver or copper on plastic items.


Plastic and metal signs,
labels and transfers

Printing, embossing, punching and cutting.

Type signs, safety signs, advertising signs etc. In short, it is all about information and decoration. Melsen Tech's metal and plastic signs are also characterised by their lengthy service life, because we choose the most suitable material for each job.



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