about melsen tech.

Bringing ideas to life is what drives us. We offer you advice, design, production and staff support structure with experience and expertise at your availability, and the sooner you include us in the process, the better.

The more processes you assign to us, the more resources you will free up to focus on your core business. We guarantee a high-quality product and take full responsibility for the products we deliver.

Share your idea with us and let us bring it to life.


Om Melsendna

what do you gain from us?

As a customer, one of the most important questions you have is probably, ‘how do we go from order placement to delivery?’

Our approach is to make the skills and expertise of all of our staff available to find the best solution for your product. We manage the project as though it were our own.

This is what makes us stand out from the rest.

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our history, experience and future.

We are always on a journey. Ours started in a backyard in Aalborg in 1973, and today we are a leading technology house in design and production of user interfaces, cabinets, membrane switches, transfers and printing.

With customers all over Denmark and Europe, Melsen Tech has gone from being a silkscreen printing business to a technology business specialised in electromechanics.

Virtually all production takes place in our beautiful factory in Aalborg. Here open spaces, greenery, art, clean floors and plenty of light and fresh air foster inspiration and well-being.

Behind your product lies years of accumulated knowledge and experience. We continue to build this expertise. In a time, where expert staff regularly move on, at Melsen Tech we are proud to have an unusually high retention rate.

New ideas are brought to life through modern technologies, competent creativity, beautiful design and collaborative teamwork. This is how we push the boundaries on the possible.

This is how we bring your ideas to life.


the people behind
melsen tech and setiket

Melsen Tech and Setiket are owned by Ken Due, Teidt Due and Marcus Holm.

Marcus Holm is the CEO of Melsen Tech and Setiket, and has extensive experience in sales management and business development. He is curious about technology, has a passion for helping staff develop their full potential and is always thinking of how to reach the next level.

Ken Due has more than 30 years of experience in mechanical solutions for industry. Ken is an innovative business leader with extensive experience in sales, business growth and organisation development.

Teidt Due is an innovative business strategist with extensive technical expertise. He also has many years’ experience running and developing businesses.

This team of three hold different responsibilities on the leadership team, but share a passion for growth, innovation and ensuring that Melsen Tech and Setiket remain attractive workplaces. Together they form a solid foundation for the growth and development of Melsen Tech and Setiket today.

working for melsen.

We are a versatile business with many different functions and a broad range of expertise. Dorthe Schultz is a bit of an all-rounder here and always has her finger on the pulse.

Just like all of our other employees, Dorthe plays an important in our daily operations. Here she tells us about what it is like to work at Melsen Tech.