bringing ideas to life.

Technical skills. Decades of experience. Creative thinking. A passion for Danish design. Supportive of your needs.

Early collaboration between us during your development process is key even if your idea is still just in its nascent stage.

Our offering extends well beyond electromechanics. We provide a complete support structure of experienced staff to develop and produce your product, with as much attention to detail as if it were our own.

User interfaces, electromechanics, box building, coating, enclosures and printing are our core skills.

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embedded danish design.

To offer your customer an exceptional user experience, your design must be sharp and well thought-through. Not only will your product be their first choice, they will also be willing to pay a premium for it.

Industrial design is the interconnection of function and aesthetics, which makes the product intuitive, practical and beautiful.

The demand for Danish design can be seen globally, and this is evident too in industrial design. Danish design is in our DNA and it has huge potential application to your product.


a redesign.

Renew your product by rethinking its design. Both its aesthetics and functionality.

A redesign could involve adding new features or streamlining old ones, while revamping the design to make it more attractive and contemporary.

Together we will develop and produce version 2.0 to revitalise your product and elevate the user experience.

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the people behind the solutions.

Real experience. Danish production. Quality in each and every product.

At Melsen Tech we leave nothing to chance.

Our focus is on technology, knowledge and material expertise. By the time you receive your order, the product will have been through several rounds of expert review, from design through production, assembly and packaging.

We are a systems partner that focuses on internal capabilities to ensure that resources and knowledge are on-hand. This ensures an exceptional flexibility you will struggle to find elsewhere in the market.