printed electronics.

At Melsen Tech, we are experts in serigraphy. We also print conductive courses in a variety of materials. The conductive courses are available in conductive silver, copper or hard PCB, which are then insulated with a specific insulation lacquer.

All printed electronics are adapted according to applications such as capacitive touch, membrane switches, prepared for various components, heat pads, silicone keyboards etc.

glass printing.

Printing on thermal or toughened glass for design purposes, technical function or shielding of electrical equipment e.g. on a screen.

We can also prepare the glass for bonding to a screen or a touch keyboard.

pad printing.

Through pad printing, technical or decorative markings can be placed on a curved, bent or concave surface.

The print is of the same quality and durability as a serigraphic print, and we can pad print on foil, plastics, aluminium, steel, lacquered surfaces and more.


Serigraphy, or silkscreen printing, is a craft in its own right, and is one of the world’s oldest printing methods.

Despite the advent of modern, digital printing techniques, silkscreen printing continues to be the preferred technique, thanks to its superior quality, precision and durability.

We use the latest lighting technology to ensure that even very small details are printable.

digital print.

Digital printing is the ideal solution for print jobs that require advanced colouring scheme, or that consist of small runs of multicoloured prints.

Resistance to fading due to UV exposure can be achieved through lamination or through serigraphic printing in UV-lacquer. Digital printing is often used in combination with serigraphic printing.