user interface.

foil keyboards.

Foil keyboards are constructed with multiple layers of foil and adhesives. The mirrored, serigraphic print makes its surface durable, and the connections are conducted by conductive silver, copper or hard PCB.

The composition of materials, surfaces and design is adapted exclusively to the individual application. The key embossing, LED backlighting, and IP65 Standard are just some of the functionalities that the keyboard can be constructed with.

capacitive touch screen.

An elegant screen design, at a significantly lower cost. It is simultaneously a robust solution, which is also available with a multi-touch function, where each key has multiple functions for example through short touch, long touch, etc.

Capacitive touch on foil or glass can be made in a material thickness of up to 7 mm. The colours of the backlit icons can be customised, and the design options are endless.

silicon keyboards.

This option provides complete freedom of choice over shape, height, button movement and much more. The softcoat surface adds a luxurious feel. Since silicone is a good conductor of light, opting for backlighting can add extra appeal.

The silicone keyboard is often combined with a hybrid interface solution, combining touch screen and physical keys.

silicone keyboards:
a tactile choice

Prioritising functional design and user friendliness:

Our customers are increasingly opting for the silicone keyboard, because the font and embossing combine sharp design with everyday usability.

Watch as Irene Pedersen talks about the keyboard’s features.


There are numerous HMI (Human Machine Interface) options, and they can be combined with foil or silicone keyboards or bonding on glass, with or without capacitive touch.

HMI is available with capacitive touch or resistive touch in screen sizes from 5” to 21”, and with either Windows Embedded or Linux as operating systems.

At Melsen Tech, we go a step beyond others, by primarily offering European-made HMI solutions which ensures a replacement warranty on each component.

how to elevate your hmi solution.

Today, modern user interface technologies offer a wealth of possibilities. Some of our customers choose to update their existing HMIs with state-of-the-art functionalities and a contemporary design.

Watch as Peter Bjerre shows us some examples.