from foil keyboard to touch screen.

The trend for streamlined design and touch screens popularised by Apple is also evident in industry. Consequently, traditional foil keyboards with mechanical click are being phased out and replaced with attractive and easy-to-use touch screens.

Many mistakenly believe that this means a display is necessary in the controls. This is generally overkill and quite simply not necessary.

Choosing a capacitive touch screen over a more complex and costly display is often a much better solution.

Your product will still possess the modern, streamlined design with all the required functions, and will be custom designed to your specifications but without excess production costs. Making the change to touch screen is easy. It elevates your design, giving you a great finished product with huge visual and tactile appeal.



all technologies and processes under one roof.

Choosing us as your systems partner is the best choice you can make for your product. It lets you focus on your core business, while we take care of the rest.

Melsen Tech products are competitively priced. We know the market and source the most cost-effective solutions for your product. Our one-stop-shop approach also releases you from internal costs.

We guarantee a high-quality product and take full responsibility for the products we deliver. The earlier you are able to include us in the process, the better.

Click on the video to hear Marcus Holm explain why selecting Melsen Tech as your systems partner and point-of-contact is the most optimal all-round solution for your product.

bringing ideas to life.

Some businesses come to us with a pencil sketch on the back of a napkin. With others, we start from scratch and sketch out the concept together. We can work with anything, so long as the idea is there.

Before long, we will have turned that idea into a technical drawing, designed a prototype and commenced the first run of production.

It all starts with the idea.


from asia and back
home to denmark

When the pandemic hit and hampered global trade, many industries were severely impacted because they did not have a plan B.

As your systems partner, we will consider all options. We do not necessarily advise against overseas production, instead we conduct a case-by-case analysis to find the best solution for your specific product, and sometimes that means locating the production in Asia.

As our customer, you can reliably locate your production overseas, also in the future. Because we always have a back-up plan. Should an acute need arise, we have redundant setup here in the factory that is always ready to go.

Your production is in safe hands with us.